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Deciding if you want to become a citizen is one of the most important decisions that an immigrant can make.

As a citizen, you will enjoy all the rights and privileges that citizenship provides, such as:

  • Receive State and Federal assistance.
  • Vote in the federal elections.
  • Travel using a United States passport.
  • Apply for political positions that require the candidate to be a citizen.
  • Participate as a jury member in a justice court.
  • Be eligible for many federal and state level security jobs.
  • Obtain citizenship for your under-age children who were born in foreign country.
  • Process permanent residency for more family members and it is more expedited process.

The most common way of becoming a citizen is through a process called “Naturalization”, also known as processing citizenship.


You may qualify for Naturalization if:

  • You have been a permanent resident for at least 5 years.
  • You have been a resident for 3 years and you obtained your residency through you spouse who is a citizen
  • Another way to become a citizen is through a process called “acquired citizenship” and “derived citizenship”.
  • A person born outside the United States could “acquire” citizenship if one or both parents are citizens.
  • A child can “derive” citizenship if they are admitted into the United States as a resident, if one or both parents are citizens.

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